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*This page does not pertain to the 2022 camp!*

Enrichment Classes

July 13-17, 2020

  • Rising K-3rd grade students will attend two, one-hour classes. 

  • Rising 4th-9th grade students will attend one, two-hour class.

  • Classes with *'s are offered more than one week throughout the summer.

  • Classes with a + are part of our new Extended Enrichment class offerings, and will include a full day trip on Fridays.

  • When filling out the sign-up form, you'll be asked to pick back-up options in case some classes don't fill.

  • The sign-up form is on the Registration page.

Sounds of Nature

Grade range: K-3


Campers will be making instruments using natural and recycled/upcycled materials, along with a wind chime of some type, a sensory bottle based on sound and one more craft based on sound if time allows.

Instructor: Tonya Jones, Past Co-Director of Evergreen Summer Camp and Licensed Music Teacher 

*Se Habla Español

Grade range: K-3

Come and join me for some fun activities, including: hiking, arts and crafts, read aloud and games. I am excited to share with you my native language, Spanish. Nos vamos a divertir muchisimo! We are going to have lots of fun!

Maestra: Mari Echevarria, Evergreen 5th Grade Associate and Summer Camp Counselor

*Magical Markings
Grade range: K-3


Children will be introduced to the world of printmaking and the many possibilities of paper. Students will get an opportunity to express themselves creatively by making their own marks in a variety of techniques. They will also learn about artists who use printmaking and paper art.

Instructor: Amanda Cloyd, Evergreen 1st Grade Associate and Summer Camp Counselor

Wizards, Dragons and Hagrid! Yoga*
Grade range: K-3

In this Harry Potter-themed yoga class, students will explore the first few books in the series (don’t worry, no spoilers!) Creative yoga movement, breath work and mindfulness will be taught within a wizarding world of adventure. Play games like Fluffy’s Treasure, Find Tom Riddle’s Diary, Dragon Tag and Froggy Wizard. Through Harry Potter yoga, your child will use their imagination, develop strength, flexibility, self-confidence, balance, coordination, focus and discover the ability to feel calm. 

Instructor: Ms. Brandon Hudson, RCYT, E-RYT, MAT, is a yoga teacher, children’s yoga teacher, a children’s yoga teacher trainer and a trained yoga therapist that has over 15 years' experience working with both children and adults.

*Field to Feast

Grade range: K-3

Campers will explore their creative sides in the garden and kitchen as they experience garden care taking, science investigations, take-home garden crafts and a greater understanding of the natural world.

Instructor: Isa Whitaker, FEAST Asheville Edible Educator


*+Let’s Chat Cherokee
Grade range: 4-9

This class explores Cherokee culture, the original inhabitants of our region. We will talk about lifestyle, cultural systems, language and history. This class is an extended class which will allow us to travel on Friday to Cherokee to explore firsthand more of the Cherokee culture.

This class has a $25 extended enrichment fee.

Instructor: Joanna Best, local performing artist and educator, Summer Camp Counselor

Sweet Home.jpg
Tool Time

Grade range: 4-9

Are you ready to be taken down the Tool Time Highway? This enrichment will introduce participants to the basics of hammers and screw drivers and up to the big kid tools like power drills and power saws.  Very clear safety guidelines and expectations will be explained day 1, then we will move into project design and planning. Each participant will take home their finished project, and possibly have time to complete two. 


*Safety glasses, ear protection and gloves will be provided and are required for all participants.

There is a $10 materials fee for this class.

Instructor: Doug White, Evergreen Adventure Coordinator and 6th Grade Associate

*+Breakout Adventures

Grade range: 4-9

Saving the world from a zombie virus by unlocking the antidote! Lost in time, navigating your way back to modern day! In Breakout Adventures, students work collaboratively to solve a series of critical thinking puzzles to open a virtual "lock box" before time runs out! Students will have the chance to solve several virtual Breakout Box challenges throughout the week. 


On Friday, the class will travel to a local breakout room! There is a $15 materials fee for this class.

Instructor: TBD

*Beatsaber Bonanza

Grade range: 4-9


At the crossroads of music, exercise, positive attitudes, virtual reality and lightsabers, you will find Mr. Eli, the Beat-Jedi Master beckoning you to bring it. Young padawan, the rhythm is strong in you! Each week we'll don the VR Goggles, learning this exciting new technology by exploring the sensation of Beatsaber. Take up your sabers and rise to his challenge. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! 

Instructor: Eli Miller, EverAfter Associate and Summer Camp Counselor

Asheville summer day camp
Asheville summer day camp

Award Winning Asheville Summer Day Camp

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