Mindy Allen has been a part of Evergreen's summer activities for the last 5 summers, including last year as coordinator. She is also EverAfter's Attendance Manager.

James Wilson has been part of Evergreen's summer programming for 12 years, coordinating for the last 8. James is also the Director of EverAfter, Evergreen's award-winning after school program.

And no, we don't run this thing by ourselves!


We have a comprehensive staff that evolves from summer to summer. Teachers for enrichment classes will be listed in class descriptions. Other camp staff will be listed on this page once the schedule is made.

Award Winning Asheville Summer Day Camp


For questions about camp, click here for contact information.

To call us during camp, use the Summer Adventures direct line:

(828) 484-4989

(this number is shared by EverAfter during the school year)


Evergreen Summer Adventures is operated by Evergreen Community Charter School 
50 Bell Road  •  Asheville NC 28805  •  (828) 298-2173  •  Fax (828) 228-2269