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Enrichment Classes

July 8-12, 2019

  • Rising Kinder - 3rd grade students will attend 2, one-hour classes. 

  • Rising 4th-9th grade students will attend 1, two-hour class.  

  • Classes with *'s are offered more than one week throughout the summer.

  • Classes with a + are part of our new Extended Enrichment class offerings, and will include a full day trip on Fridays.

  • When filling out the sign-up form, you'll be asked to pick back-up options in case some classes don't fill.

  • The sign-up form is on the Registration page.

*Hip Hop Dance

Grade range: K-3

Do you love to dance, have lots of energy and enjoy upbeat music?  Calling all fun loving kids to join the Hip Hop Dance Crew!  We will be learning cool hip hop dance steps while building muscle strength, increasing coordination, encouraging musicality and learning spatial awareness…all while having fun and dancing to age appropriate and popular music!  Discover your talent and style through energetic warm ups, fun movement games and working together as a team!  Throughout the week, we will put our skills into a fun choreographed routine to be performed for family and friends!  I can't wait to see you on the dance floor!

Instructor: Suzie Rogerson

*Field to Feast, Jr.

Grade range: K-3

Campers will explore their creative sides in the garden and kitchen as they experience garden care taking, science investigations, take-home garden crafts, and a greater understanding of the natural world.

Instructor: Isa Whitaker, FEAST Asheville Edible Educator

*Playful Painting

Grade range: K-3

Kids will have the chance to learn about unconventional Abstract art and artists who use a variety of materials to create original pieces of artwork, then they will create their own artwork with different types of paints and painting techniques.

Instructor: Amanda Cloyd, Evergreen 1st Grade Associate, EverAfter Counselor

Nature Art
Grade range: K-3

Students will explore the outdoors from the eye of an artist, using inspiration from the colors and textures found in nature, to create a variety of art work throughout the week.

Instructor: Jessica Stepp, Evergreen 2nd Grade Associate Teacher

These Fifty States
Grade range: K-3

Throughout the week we will explore several states across the USA, learning the state song and creating memorable arts and crafts noteworthy of each state's unique aspects.

Instructor: Joanna Best, local performing artist and educator

+Intermediate Mountain Biking
Grade range: 4-9

For students who have some experience riding mountain bikes and are eager for more!

Ready to shred the trails & hop some jumps? In this class, we’ll learn some next level mountain biking skills such as jumps, bunny hops, trail reading & some bike maintenance. We’ll ride on Evergreen’s pump track & trails. Because this is an extended enrichment, we’ll also finish the week with a day trip to ride on the trails at Warren Wilson College!

This class has a $40 materials/trip fee.

Instructor: Michael Kligerman, Evergreen 4th Grade Associate and Adventure Specialist


*Summertime S.T.E.M.
Grade range: 4-9

Researching, hypothesizing, solving, designing, measuring, building, experimenting: using your Science, Technology, Engineering and Math brain to create the next best invention!  Join Team S.T.E.M. to use your creativity in a collaborative way to make something magnificent!

Instructor: Carrie Pusey, Evergreen EverLearning

stem photo.jpg
*Boil, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Grade range: 4-9


Students will channel their favorite Harry Potter character and join Potions class at Hogwarts to experiment with a variety of mixtures and chemical reactions. Students will receive vials to create their own collection of potions ingredients (basilisk venom, ground hippogriff claws, etc.). They will follow recipe instructions to create their potions -- some lovely, some disgusting -- and they will follow in the footsteps of the Half-Blood Prince, tweaking the recipes to see what happens. In this context of fun mischief-making, students will practice following written instructions, measuring carefully, and designing and carrying out experiments. (All materials are non-toxic household materials known to muggles as dish soap, baking soda, etc.) 

This class has a $15 material fee.


Instructor: Diane Silver, Middle Grades Science Teacher, N.C. Certified Environmental Educator.


Asheville summer day camp
Asheville summer day camp

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