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Enrichment Classes

July 22-26, 2019

  • Rising Kinder - 3rd grade students will attend 2, one-hour classes. 

  • Rising 4th-9th grade students will attend 1, two-hour class.  

  • Classes with *'s are offered more than one week throughout the summer.

  • Classes with a + are part of our new Extended Enrichment class offerings, and will include a full day trip on Fridays.

  • When filling out the sign-up form, you'll be asked to pick back-up options in case some classes don't fill.

  • The sign-up form is on the Registration page.

Potions for Mini Muggles

Grade range: K-3


Mini Muggles will follow recipes per the Potions Master’s instructions to experiment with non-toxic substances (corn starch, dish soap, food coloring) and observe how they react with each other. The potions they make will be inspired by the most famous Potions Masters in all the wizarding world, and they will be able to take their creations home with them!

Instructor: Jessica Stepp, Evergreen 2nd Grade Associate Teacher


Grade range: K-3

Tumble, roll, spin, jump, dance! In this class, we crank up the music and set up stations like trampoline, basic tumbling, low beams, rings, balance boards, and strength training.

Instructor: Eli Miller, Evergreen EverAfter Associate

*Tactile Tinkering
Grade range: K-3


Kids will learn about artists who create art that involve all of our senses, then they will build and create their own art using the senses of seeing, hearing, touching, and smelling. 

Instructor: Amanda Cloyd, Evergreen 1st Grade Associate, EverAfter Counselor

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*Yoga Games

Grade range: K-3

Yoga is a wonderful way to open your child to the awareness of their place in the world.  Each class will focus on a lesson or theme and will include creative yoga flow, breath work, games, stories, music, partner/group activities, visualization and relaxation. Through yoga, your child will develop strength, flexibility, self-confidence, balance, coordination, focus and discover the ability to feel calm.  Ms. Brandon's playful, gentle style allows children to find a personal connection to their yoga practice.


Instructor: Ms. Brandon Hudson, RCYT, E-RYT, MAT, is a yoga teacher, children’s yoga teacher, a children’s yoga teacher trainer, and a trained yoga therapist that has over 15 years' experience working with both children and adults.

*Ballerz Club

Grade range: K-3

Shoot & score!!! Learn basketball skills and fundamentals throughout the week, including many  fun games.

Instructor: Lauren Powell, Health/PE Teacher, Asheville Middle School


*Field to Feast
Grade range: 4-9

Come explore the garden and surrounding woods with us! Field to Feast classes will have rotating themes based on the teacher's passion and what is happening in our garden, but will always include garden care taking, thematic environmental education & science investigations, take-home garden crafts, and explorations of the natural world. Every week will culminate in a garden harvest and the creation of a shared meal from our garden. 

This week's theme: Traditional Medicinals--Herbs and food that have the power to heal

Instructor: Summer Whelden, FEAST Asheville Edible Educator

+Wilderness Skills

Grade range: 4-9

Want to learn how to be ready for any and every expedition? This club will teach you how to build a primitive shelter, cook over a fire, choose a good campsite & set up a tarp with a variety of knots. You will learn what to pack, how to pack, & some basic first aid skills. Because this is an extended enrichment, we’ll finish the week by bringing our skills together on a day trip to Warren Wilson College.

This class has a $40 materials/trip fee.

Instructor: Michael Kligerman, Evergreen 4th Grade Associate and Adventure Specialist

*Breakout Adventures

Grade range: 4-9


Saving the world from a zombie virus by unlocking the antidote! Lost in time, navigating your way back to modern day! In Breakout Adventures, students work collaboratively to solve a series of critical thinking puzzles in order to open a locked box, all before time runs out!  Students will have the chance to solve several Breakout Box challenges throughout the week (each with its own unique story!) as well as build their own breakout box challenge. To cap it all off, on Friday, the class will travel to a local breakout room!

This class has a $10 materials fee.


Instructor: Marni Silverberg, Evergreen 6th Grade Math & Science

Asheville summer day camp
Asheville summer day camp

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