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Enrichment Classes

July 15-19, 2019

  • Rising Kinder - 3rd grade students will attend 2, one-hour classes. 

  • Rising 4th-9th grade students will attend 1, two-hour class.  

  • Classes with *'s are offered more than one week throughout the summer.

  • Classes with a + are part of our new Extended Enrichment class offerings, and will include a full day trip on Fridays.

  • When filling out the sign-up form, you'll be asked to pick back-up options in case some classes don't fill.

  • The sign-up form is on the Registration page.

*Field to Feast, Jr.
Grade range: K-3
Campers will explore their creative sides in the garden and kitchen as they experience garden care taking, science investigations, take-home garden crafts, and a greater understanding of the natural world.

Instructor: Isa Whitaker, FEAST Asheville Edible Educator


Grade range: K-3

Tumble, roll, spin, jump, dance! In this class, we crank up the music and set up stations like trampoline, basic tumbling, low beams, rings, balance boards, and strength training.

Instructor: Eli Miller, Evergreen EverAfter Associate

Arts and Crafts
Grade range: K-3

We’ll be doing a lot of creative projects that will be fun for all kids who love arts and crafts!!  We’ll experiment with clay, painting, origami, drawing, sewing and other mediums that come to us as the class progresses.  Since it’s summer, that’s also a great time for nature crafts! Join us for a week of summer art fun! Kid input and ideas are always a welcome way to guide our schedule as the week goes by, too!

Instructor: Kay Cole, Evergreen EC Associate

*Hip Hop Dance

Grade range: K-3

Do you love to dance, have lots of energy and enjoy upbeat music?  Calling all fun loving kids to join the Hip Hop Dance Crew!  We will be learning cool hip hop dance steps while building muscle strength, increasing coordination, encouraging musicality and learning spatial awareness…all while having fun and dancing to age appropriate and popular music!  Discover your talent and style through energetic warm ups, fun movement games and working together as a team!  Throughout the week, we will put our skills into a fun choreographed routine to be performed for family and friends!  I can't wait to see you on the dance floor!

Instructor: Suzie Rogerson

Measure My Song

Grade range: K-3

Young musicians and artists will explore how we measure elements in both music and art (rhythm, pitch, color mixing, ratios of light). Then they will brainstorm to create their own musical instruments!

Instructor: Joanna Best, local performing artist and educator

+Advanced Mountain Biking
Grade range: 4-9

For students who have developed advanced skills riding mountain bikes and are eager for more!

This club is designed for kiddos who are ready to go the next level. We’ll be mastering jumps, trail reading, and diving into bike maintenance. We’ll bunny hop logs, ride up onto Evergreen’s berms, rollers, & wooden elements. Because this is an extended enrichment, we’ll finish the week on a day trip to Dupont State Forest.

This class has a $40 materials/trip fee.

Instructor: Michael Kligerman, Evergreen 4th Grade Associate and Adventure Specialist​

*Summertime S.T.E.M.
Grade range: 4-9

Researching, hypothesizing, solving, designing, measuring, building, experimenting: using your Science, Technology, Engineering and Math brain to create the next best invention!  Join Team S.T.E.M. to use your creativity in a collaborative way to make something magnificent!

Instructor: Carrie Pusey, Evergreen EverLearning

stem photo.jpg
WNC Eco Art

Grade range: 4-9

Explore and appreciate WNC's local flora, fauna, and landscapes. Students will learn different painting techniques (blending, shading, use of different brushes, etc.) will come away with 1-2 art products of their own.

Instructor: Brittany York, Evergreen Kindergarten Associate

Asheville summer day camp
Asheville summer day camp

Award Winning Asheville Summer Day Camp

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