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Enrichment Classes

July 9-13, 2018

  • Rising Kinder - 3rd grade students will attend 2, one-hour classes.

  • Rising 4th-9th grade students will attend 1, two-hour class.  

  • Classes with *'s are offered more than one week throughout the summer.

  • When filling out the sign-up form, you'll be asked to pick back-up options in case some classes don't fill.

  • The sign-up form is on the Registration page.

*Yoga Games

Grade range: K-3

Yoga is a wonderful way to open your child to the awareness of their place in the world.  Each class will focus on a lesson or theme and will include creative yoga flow, breath work, games, stories, music, partner/group activities, visualization and relaxation. This week's theme is Superheroes! Through yoga, your child will develop strength, flexibility, self-confidence, balance, coordination, focus and discover the ability to feel calm.  Ms. Brandon's playful, gentle style allows children to find a personal connection to their yoga practice.


Instructor: Ms. Brandon Hudson, RCYT, E-RYT, MAT, is a yoga teacher, children’s yoga teacher, a children’s yoga teacher trainer, and a trained yoga therapist that has over 15 years' experience working with both children and adults.

*Magnificent Mosaics THIS CLASS IS FULL!

Grade range: K-3

Campers will create a tile mosaic exploring the use of color and working on a self-chosen subject. Mosaics will be carefully planned, then students will learn to adhere tile and grout. Completed projects will be wonderful to display or use as trivets for the kitchen.  They also make great gifts!!!

Instructor: Mindy Allen, Evergreen EC and EverAfter Associate

*Mini Masters

Grade range: K-3

Students will be introduced to the work of artists who use the elements of art such as line, color, shape, texture, space, and form. They will then create their own work inspired by these artists using a variety of media.

Instructor: Amanda Cloyd, Evergreen 1st Grade and EverAfter Associate

*Goooooaaaalll!! THIS CLASS IS FULL!
Grade range: K-3

Students will start their morning learning the fundamentals of soccer and engage in healthy competition with a few games thrown in!

Instructor: Lauren Powell, PE Teacher Asheville Middle School

Grade range: 1-3 ONLY

Learn and play the fundamentals of chess - how different chess pieces move, check & checkmate, opening strategies & tactics, checkmate patterns, what is a draw, endgame strategies. Instructor Bruce Roth has been teaching chess for 20 years, and has taught over 1,500 students to play. 


Instructor: Bruce Roth

*Field to Feast
Grade range: 4-9

Come explore the garden and surrounding woods with us! Field to Feast classes will have rotating themes based on the teacher's passion and what is happening in our garden, but will always include garden care taking, thematic environmental education & science investigations, take-home garden crafts, and explorations of the natural world. Every week will culminate in a garden harvest and the creation of a shared meal from our garden. 


Tracing common foods to their basic ingredients by making condiments, breads, and toppings from scratch.


Instructor: Jordan Diamond, FEAST Asheville Edible Educator


Mountain Biking
Grade range: 4-9

Ready to shred the trails & hop some jumps? In this class, we’ll learn some next level mountain biking skills such as jumps, bunny hops, trail reading & some bike maintenance. We’ll also learn how to properly fit your bike & helmet. We’ll ride on Evergreen’s pump track & the trails. This class is for students who have some experience riding mountain bikes and are eager for more!


Instructor: Michael Kligerman, Evergreen 4th Grade Associate and Adventure Specialist

Nature As Art
Grade range: 4-9
We will be exploring the natural world and creating art as we see it in its wild and natural form. Art pieces could consist of rocks, leaves, bark, mud, and much more. We will have the chance to make abstract and concrete pieces. With a parent or guardian's permission, whittling to create things like spoons, bowls and hiking sticks can also be explored.

Instructor:  Emily Boykin, Evergreen 6th Grade Associate, Athletic Director, Adventure Specialist

Boil, Bubble, Toil and Trouble One spot left!

Grade range: 5-9

This class has a $15 materials fee 


Students will channel their favorite Harry Potter character and join Potions class at Hogwarts to experiment with a variety of mixtures and chemical reactions. Students will receive vials to create their own collection of potions ingredients (basilisk venom, ground hippogriff claws, etc.). They will follow recipe instructions to create their potions -- some lovely, some disgusting -- and they will follow in the footsteps of the Half-Blood Prince, tweaking the recipes to see what happens. In this context of fun mischief-making, students will practice following written instructions, measuring carefully, and designing and carrying out experiments. (All materials are non-toxic household materials known to muggles as dish soap, baking soda, etc.)


Instructor: Diane Silver, Middle Grades Science Teacher, N.C. Certified Environmental Educator.


Asheville summer day camp
Asheville summer day camp

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